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Chef Jimmy creates recipes, desserts, and pastry media products to enhance food-based businesses.

Jimmy MacMillan Media Kit

Chef MacMillan launched Pastry Virtuosity, a consulting resource for all food-based businesses including manufacturing, retail and hospitality.

Cake Shake Theory

It’s exciting that desserts in the United States have been improving drastically over recent years. It’s hard to ignore the momentum of cupcakes, doughnuts and viral items such as the cake shake!

Evolving Desserts with Plant-Based Chocolates

We can best explore these chocolates by considering them not as just plant-based milk or dark chocolates, but rather as new and unique ingredients that require the requisite creativity and experimentation to perfect. 

Plant-Based Candy by Jimmy MacMillan

It’s encouraging to see more plant-based options for confections that offer a delicious candy experience without sacrificing the texture or flavor of classical confections.

Balancing Textures: Creamy, Fresh and Crispy

In this article, we are looking at balancing textures by examining two variations of texture forward desserts. Both desserts feature a panna cotta as the base for a variety of elements.

What is a Contemporary Plated Dessert?

My seminar, called ‘Contemporary Plated Dessert’, seems straight forward enough. But I posed the question: what does ‘Contemporary Dessert’ mean in 2020? So many styles exist at one time, so many recipes and variations.