Media Marketing

We provide full-service photography and videography services focused on marketing and promotion of sweet bakery, chocolate, gelato, and confectionery items. We write copy for most promotional applications including print and web. 
Our photos have been published in numerous mainstream and industry outlets worldwide. 

Our videos have been awarded multiple Emmy Awards, Communicator, W3, Hermes, and Telly Awards.

Hi-Res Photography 

Brand Photography
Chef Cooking & Ingredient
Dessert & Bakery Food Styling
Product Shots 

4K Video Production 

Chef Demonstration Videos
Brand Promotional Videos
Dessert & Bakery Product Videos
Specialize in 16:9 and 1:1 Aspect Ratio Video 

Copywriting Services 

Content On-Demand
Monthly Blogging
Keyword generation & Ranking

Digital Marketing

Platform Creation
Social Media
E-commerce Media

1:1 Consultation. Custom tailored to fit your niche.

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