Jimmy MacMillan Pastry Chef Consultant Services

Helping aspirants and business owners in the food, bakery, and sweet business industry. Do you want to pursue your career as a professional pastry chef or want to elevate your sweet business? Enroll in business consulting or professional courses with principal pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan! He is an expert project manager, food designer, stylist, and great team leader. He holds ample knowledge of food-based businesses, including manufacturing, distribution, and hospitality. Jimmy MacMillan offers guidance if you want to bring your pastry business to new heights or push yourself in this creative career. 

  • "I worked with Jimmy at The Peninsula Chicago. He was very creative and was passionate about his work and making a contribution. He was a pleasure to work with."

    - Susan Ellefson -

    Director, Brand Marketing & Communications at The Peninsula

  • "Jimmy is at the very top of the Pastry Industry when it comes to being innovative and passionate about the ever growing nuances of the craft. Jimmy has presented Chocolate and Pastry Demonstrations for our company several times throughout the country and the results have been overwhelmingly beneficial. He has the ability to connect with everyone taking the Demo on their own level, from the Executive Pastry Chef in a 5 Star Hotel to the Pastry Chef from a family owned bakery. Easily, Jimmy is one of the very first people I contact when I have a technical or professional question. His passion for Pastry and to be the best he can be has allowed him travel the world in an effort to continually improve his personal skills and knowledge of the Industry."

    - Matt Hamner -

    Barry-Callebaut Director of Business Development 

  • “Jimmy was an integral part of the Dom’s Kitchen Market launch. He thoughtfully reviewed our item assortment and vendors, designed signature items and helped us achieve desired margins. His in-store training and guidance was invaluable. Thank you Jimmy!”

    - Lauren Edmonson -

    Category Manager, Perishables 

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