Food and Packaging Product Design ( Consumer Packaged Goods)

Creating a perfect product for your sweet business is key to long-standing success in the competitive food industry. Chef Jimmy has developed distinct and different food and packaging designs for artisan bakeries,  food service and commercial markets.

Performance Expectations

What are we asking the product to do? We start with the end in mind to achieve the desired results. This includes sensory aspects, merchandising mechanisms and shelf life attributes.

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Build Enduring Recipes

Create recipe versions and multiple iterations of products and packaging on a parallel path. On the food product side, this is the companion step to the research and development phase. 

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Prototypes and Sample Creation

Create near-market-ready prototypes that can be shared with key internal players such as project managers and Q&A directors, as well as prospective manufacturers and retailers. We guide the creation of sample programs and develop prototypes that win the business.

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