• “Jimmy was an integral part of the Dom’s Kitchen Market launch. He thoughtfully reviewed our item assortment and vendors, designed signature items and helped us achieve desired margins. His in-store training and guidance was invaluable. Thank you Jimmy!”

    - Lauren Edmonson -

    Category Manager, Perishables 

  • “We worked with Chef Jimmy MacMillan on a recipe demo video for a virtual pastry conference and we're very pleased with the results. With little direction from us, Jimmy was proactive in proposing the content for the video as well as developing impactful recipes that spoke to our target audience. Jimmy was very easy to work with when it came to final edits and tweaks of the video. It’s clear that Jimmy has extensive expertise in pastry and his passion shows in his work. We look forward to working with him again in the future.”

    - Montia Garcia -

    Marketing Manager 

  • “We hired Chef Jimmy for a major client in need of high-end bakery items. What a joy to work with him! His talents are immense. The beautiful and tasty creations that he gave us to present deserved awards! We won the Client’s approval. He guided us through the entire process of creation, execution, and production. I highly recommend Chef Jimmy to any company that needs professional award worthy results in the bakery category. There is no one better.”
    - Sue Ecker -

    President, Master Food Brokers, Inc.

  • "Jimmy Macmillan has been instrumental in the success of Mariano’s Fresh Market product development and operations. He is a black belt in organization and execution, mixed with the creative vision of a Michelin Star Chef. Jimmy’s clear vision, realistic approach and follow through skill set place him at the top of his industry class. I greatly valued my time collaborating with Jimmy and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to gain a competitive advantage."
    - Ryan LaRoche -

    Vice President Operations at BRG restaurant group 

  • "It is a pleasure to work with Jimmy, he inspires, teaches, and is quite creative. In some ways unique, Jimmy is artful and also possesses a strong business mind. He understands the linkage between capturing through great look, and taste, then converting it to a profitable sale. Finally, Jimmy is just a really good person who cares for those he works with and others..."

    - Donald G. Fitzgerald -

    Co-CEO Dom's Kitchen & Market 

  • "It was not only fun, but a pleasure to work with Jimmy. He is innovative, mentoring, hard working and professional. Best of all, everything he makes is delicious! He works well under pressure, and has great ideas to improve business and show results."

    - Amanda Puck -

    Director, Strategic Brand Development at Mariano's

  • "Working with Chef Jimmy MacMillan during my tenure at deZaan Gourmet / ADM was an honor and a delight. While Chef Jimmy kept always a professional and diplomatic approach, he retained a very honest and clear insight on the positioning of a pastry or chocolate ingredient."

    - Philippe (PT) Tytgat -

    Sales Director Western Region BLOMMER CHOCOLATE COMPANY

  • "Jimmy MacMillan is a calm force to be respected. He is very passionate about his work, community and supportive family. His approach and the execution of his dishes are masterful. Jimmy MacMillan's results reflect an attention to detail and thoughtfulness that is not just enjoyable, but thought provoking. Having collaborated with Jimmy on the several projects, I can easily say what a pleasure it is to work with him. In the process of creation, Jimmy MacMillan's thoroughness, professionalism and adaptability produce memorable results."

    - Beatrice S. Schneider -

    Hamilton Co-founder & Former Creative/Marketing Director

  • "I worked with Jimmy at The Peninsula Chicago. He was very creative and was passionate about his work and making a contribution. He was a pleasure to work with."

    - Susan Ellefson -

    Director, Brand Marketing & Communications at The Peninsula 

  • "Jimmy is at the very top of the Pastry Industry when it comes to being innovative and passionate about the ever growing nuances of the craft. Jimmy has presented Chocolate and Pastry Demonstrations for our company several times throughout the country and the results have been overwhelmingly beneficial. He has the ability to connect with everyone taking the Demo on their own level, from the Executive Pastry Chef in a 5 Star Hotel to the Pastry Chef from a family owned bakery. Easily, Jimmy is one of the very first people I contact when I have a technical or professional question. His passion for Pastry and to be the best he can be has allowed him travel the world in an effort to continually improve his personal skills and knowledge of the Industry."

    - Matt Hamner -

    Barry-Callebaut Director of Business Development 

  • "Jimmy is without question one of the most talented pastry chefs in the industry. He is one of the few true innovators I have come across. Jimmy does everything with total professionalism."

    - Mike Clever - 

    Managing Director at IRCA S.p.A. 

  • "Jimmy does outstanding work. He is organized and detailed and outstanding to work with. His concepts and desserts are interesting and well developed."

    - Paul Bodrogi - 

    Pastry Education Specialist 

  • "I have had the pleasure of working along side Jim MacMillan as a competitor at the World Chocolate Masters Competition in 2007. Since that time I have been afforded the opportunity of sampling his pastries and touring his then kitchen. Jimmy and I have remained in contact the last three years and offered each other guidance, advice and support. I have been witness to Jimmy's drive and commitment to the field of pastry. His level of experience, passion for his field and strive for innovation and perfection are truly honorable and it is a pleasure to share his company. I am so pleased for his successes and accolades. It is my fervent hope that we may have the opportunity to collaborate on future projects together and I consider him an esteemed colleague."

    - Naomi Gallego -

    Pastry and Baking Consultant

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